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Do’s and Don’t s

Inside National Park

What should I wear inside National Park?
Bring along a Wide-brimmed hat or a Head Bandana to protect you from the sun as well as from dusts

Upper Body
Wear full sleeves for protection from sun as well as from dusts. Use layered clothing as the temperature varies from early morning to noon to late evening.

Lower Body
Wear trousers and shoes.

Hand-gloves are recommended during December and January
Proper protective gears for cameras are required to save them form dust and rains.
What is the ideal color for my clothes in National Park ?

Jungle friendly colors such as Khaki, Grey, Olive. Please do not wear any bright colors such as Red, White or Black.
What is the weather like in National Park ?

October to Mid November:
Pleasant during the day time and very pleasant in the evenings.

Mid November to January:
Very cold in the early mornings, cold but pleasant during the day and chilly in the evenings.

February to Mid March:
Pleasant throughout the day and chilly in the evenings

Mid March to May:
Pleasant in the mornings, hot during the day and very plesant in the evenings. Chances of rains during the period. So it is advisable to bring rain clothes or quick drying clothes.
What else should be kept in mind while visiting in side National Park?

Please maintain silence inside the park so as not to disturb the animals or other tourists. Remember this is not your home nor is this a picnic spot. It is you who are trespassing on their territory.

Decency and decorum in the resort
Being a jungle resort at the periphery of National Park and located in the heart of a village and the fact that the resort is manned by local villagers, it is expected of our clients and guests to behave in an appropriate manner befitting the local culture and the villagers.

The resort reserves the right to judge acceptable levels of noise or behavior of clients, guests or representatives who are bound to take corrective action as suggested by the management. In the event of failure to comply with the management suggestions or requests, the resort may terminate the booking or stop any event immediately without being liable for any refund or compensations.

Mobile Phones
Please leave behind your mobile phones at the resort while on safaris. If you do have to carry your phones, please keep it on silent mode and respond to calls in a very low voice. Don’t try to take selfies with animals. You will be endangering your life as well as other peoples lives by your actions.

Electronic Equipment
Please don’t carry any electronic devices or musical instruments inside the park. They are liable to be seized if found by forest officials.

Do not get down from vehicles
Please do not disembark from vehicles, whatever be your completions. Doing so would be endangering the lives of many people including yours. Only registered jeep drivers and guides are allowed to disembark for any emergencies as they are trained to deal with these situations. There have been many instances where even our armed forest guards have been mauled and killed by animals.There are designated disembarkation points where you can get down from vehicles to respond to nature’s call or view wildlife.

Don’t agitate animals
Please don’t tease or shout at animals or throw anything at them. Such actions might lead to dangerous consequences for everyone. If found to be indulging in such acts, our safari guides, drivers and forest guards are well within their rights to forcibly evict you from the park.

No plastic or garbage
Please don’t carry any plastic materials inside the park. You can keep the chocolate wrappers, etc in the jeeps carrying you. Don’t litter under any circumstances. Please remember this is not your personal garbage dump.

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